Penguin Science | Exploring Species Climate Change Options

Like animals everywhere, Antarctic penguins are adjusting, or not, to changes in their habitat brought by warming temperatures. With extensive field research on their existing colonies, and a 45,000 year-old record contained in deposits of their bones and egg shells, we know more about how Antarctic penguins will adjust to rapid climate change than almost any other creature on Earth.

Animation illustrating penguin response to advance and retreat of ice sheets in the Ross Sea: click here to begin

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PenguinCam time-lapse animations from Cape Royds, Shackletons Hut and and the Cape Royds adelie penguin colony: click here to begin or on image below

Penguin Science | Losing the Last Pristine Marine Ecosystem on Earth

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Penguin Science | Penguins Marching Into the Classroom

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Penguin Science the DVD

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation this 40-minute educational film takes viewers on a journey to Antarctica and inside raucous “penguin cities” where millions of penguins converge once a year to rear their young. 

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THANK YOU ! Our Citizen Science project to count the Weddell seals in Antarctica is over and was a GRAND success. We now have a better understanding about where these seals live and how many there are. We could not have done it without YOU, the citizen science team.

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Penguin Cam | Cape Royds

2019, we have repaired the automated camera at Cape Royds. It now records the comings and goings of penguins and the weather. We are especially interested in the number of birds that return to molt after we depart each year in February.

Go HERE to see the daily images from our penguin camera at Cape Royds.