Penguins Marching Into Your Classroom

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Have your students design and create a self addressed and stamped postcard about penguins. Use the table to calculate the postage. As a class, send them to the address below and I will mail them back from the U.S. research station near the penguin colony. Each card will have the unique and valuable "Antarctica” postmark.

Please include contact information ( email or school address) for receipt confirmation.

Postcard Size *


Send cards to:

Jean Pennycook, B-031
McMurdo Station, Antarctica
PSC 769 Box 800
APO AP 96599-9998

Minimum size 3 ½  inches x 5 inches


Between these two sizes


Maximum size 4 ½ inches by 6 inches


* The Post Office will NOT allow 3x5 cards




No commercially printed postcards will be accepted or returned. All cards must be hand designed.

Cards may be sent after Sept. 20, 2019 and postmarked before Dec 20, 2019.

Teachers: Please check your students' addresses on the postcard. Many cards are not getting returned by the post office because they can not read the address.

1) Can we use the pre-stamped post cards sold at the post office for only $.35 each. Yes. This is the best and easiest way to do this project.

2) Can we use 3x5 cards as postcards? NO, the post office will not accept 3x5 cards. Minimum size is 3 ½ x 5 inches.

3) We have many students, and can not afford all the postage, can we still take part? Yes. Have your students draw a stamp on the post card. Mail the bundle of cards to me in a large envelope with a self address stamped large envelope for me to return them as a group. I will mark them individually with a fun penguin stamp, our location stamp and then return them as a group to your school. The large envelope will have the much desired true "Antarctica" postmark for display in your classroom.

4, Classrooms outside the United States. If you would like the postcards returned, please enclose enough cash (US$, Euros, English Pounds or Canadian Dollars) to cover return postage. If you would like them returned individually please enclose cash equal to US$ 1.15 for EACH card for me to buy US postage. If you would like them returned as a group include a self addressed large envelope and enough cash for me to buy US stamps to cover postage back to you. It will be the same as the cost to send them to me. DO NOT PLACE NON-US POSTAGE ON THE CARDS OR RETURN ENVELOPE.



Address a large envelop to me in Antarctica. Remember NO BOXES


Include a self addressed stamped envelope to return the postcards to you. Use ONLY US postage


Enclose the postcards with the self addressed stamped envelope in the envelope to us. Postage will be the same to send and to return.


Questions? Contact me at